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    Dec 5, 2010
    Thank you for the Triac topic. May I suggest the following:

    1) Label the graphics with the MT1 and MT2 sides of the Triac. Bold /
    Red that the graphic that does not work.

    2) Point out that a Triac controlled by a Diac is also available as a
    single package and is known as a Quadrac.

    3) When I came looking for this topic, I was looking for a page that
    told me the differences between a Triac and a Quadrac when trying to
    control them. For example, can I control the Triac with a transistor
    from a MCU (I think the answer is No). Can I control the Quadrac with
    a transistor?

    4) I am trying to control a 120V 15A heater using a Triac / Quadrac
    and an MCU controller. My list is narrowed down to MOC3023 (Opto Triac Driver) and MOC8021 (Opto Darlington). I think I can use them in the following combination:

    -- MCU -> MOC3023 -> Triac -> Heater


    -- MCU -> MOC8021 -> Quadrac -> Heater

    Thus, I am not expecting an answer here, just telling you why I came
    asking the Triac / Quadrac question.

    Thank you for the great site.
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    Apr 2, 2009
    Welcome to AAC.

    Good suggestions.
    Thank you.