tri gate transistor & dual gate transistor

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i rescently came across an innovative idea of using tri-gate transistors
to over the problem of leakage currents.

the following is the link to have a look at the transistor

i couldn't understand how does it stop leakage currents
is it because of the thiner channel used ,which implies high resistance?

and how is dual gate an advantage over the existing mosfet for better


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I have heard that intel has switched form silicon to hafnium for its new 45nm cpu's. The new QX9650 uses the 45nm. It uses 130w but has more Cache then the others.

The older QX6850 Is the same but uses 65nm. It also uses 130w but has less cache.

Amd has not got to 45nm yet but they have a few 65nm cpu's, They are not quad core but they use the same amount of power.

If you go to 90nm the dual core amd 6400x2 uses 125w.

So when the chips get smaller they use less power so they run cooler so they can be faster.

More info: