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    Would have put this in the projects section, but I'm looking more to adapt or find something similar. Or maybe give somebody with too little income, and too much time on their hands a chance to improve the situation.

    I took the plunge about a month ago, and bought what I believe to be a reasonably good value for the buck, detector, Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II. Read lots of stuff on the web, a few treasure hunting forums and such. Learned a great deal about metal detecting, and the hobby in general. I have found quite a few coins in my backyard, and avoid most of the junk, since learning a little about the machine. No treasure, but still learning.

    I found that on the forums, Bounty Hunter brand is sort of bottom, entry level, but mostly for the price I think. Mine works better than expected, and $100 cheaper than the popular brands. Was also amazed at what these guys spend on digging tools, headphones, and most anything else, that could be had at a fraction of the price they paid. I'm new to the hobby, but not that young. It's really about ego, and spending more increases your chances of scoring treasure.

    Headphones are nice, but cumbersome, cable gets caught and tangled. I tend to set my metal detector on the ground a few feet away from the hole I'm about to dig. It's mostly plastic, and stepping on it wouldn't be good. Settled on ear-buds, and unplug them when I dig, but leave them in my ears. A wireless solution would be great, so looked around, and find it starts in the $70 range. A little pricey, this isn't Hi-Fi stuff, basically three tones, square wave, some subtle differences, help you decide what sort of metal, how deep, and size. Tried an FM transmitter for listing to your portable music player in the car, since I had one from years ago, maybe $5.00, remember it was cheap. Didn't have a good receiver handy, but the small FM radio I tried, was kind of noisy, not useful at all. Might give it a more thorough test another time.

    While digging holes, my mind wanders a lot, and had another idea, which might not not truly be useful, but might help, least look kind of cool. Was thinking it would be interesting to visualize the audio, on a graphical LCD screen, like an oscilloscope. Have seen it done with microcontrollers, and figure one could be adapted. Unfortunately, I don't program in 'C', or use PIC... But the 'beep' of the metal detector lasts a second or less, shouldn't be hard to capture, display, and hold on the screen, until the next 'beep'. The appeal here, is that you can see. what you might not be hearing. Could be quite an appealing product, with most of the work already done, and available on the web. Treasure hunting is gadget addictive, anything that might help, sells well.

    For now, I'm mostly looking for a means to get wireless headphones, at a reasonable price, without all the noise, which I suspect is coming from the metal detector. Looked into BlueTooth, but it's even more expense, if your device isn't already setup for it, like a cellphone. The LCD display is just something I'm going to look into further sometime, but really think somebody could make a few bucks on that idea. Oldtimers with hearing loss would appreciate it, or at least buy and try it. The difference between foil/pull-tabs and gold, is very subtle to my ears. I have found any gold or jewelry, as I don't like digging junk in my yard. Have tried on a gold chain, and really couldn't figure out how to avoid the trash, kind of what made me think up the idea.