Treadmill troubleshooting

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    hi there
    i have been reading and reading in that cite for hours now finding some answers for my questions
    I am working for a company where we sells non professional treadmills
    as problems and troubles we get with main boards are commonly in few categories
    one or few of the semiconductors IGBTs burns probably caused by to high current running thru them caused for some reason likely heavier steps wrong speed or torque settings or just expire there live ;) in 70% of the cases we can fix that by replacing them with the same IGBT or a better on that can hold a bigger current (original 50A= new 70A)

    2nd that can happen is that little UC coated mini board buster to fail and what I can see is that more of the times there is only a single elemnt burn out as it shows a black dot somewhere unfortunately we can not fix this as well
    the new ones are coming with ready chips some of them are replaceable but some of them no
    the replaceable we can replace with some shortcircued board we cant fix but we know that the chip is in a good condition

    and the 3th one is the most easiest way if some diod or resistor just burn out and we can replaced

    so I was looking for some additional information but what i see is that most of the troubles caused the motor to not spin i already knew
    so guys firs of all check the 3 legs diods or semiconductors first of all and then go for the more difficult tasks

    sorry for my English :p
    hope you get the point
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    I don't see a question. :)

    If anyone wants to help you you will need to post at least the model of the treadmill + board pictures and maybe some raw drawings of the wiring.

    What means "non professional"? That they were made by a hobbyist?