Treadmill trips breaker

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I recently got a treadmill from a friend in hopes of fixing it. The treadmill powers up and the motor works, the problem I am running into is that at around 3 to 4 MPH it trips my breaker. I tried plugging it into 3 separate circuits to make sure it wasn't a bad breaker. I tried plugging the treadmill i to a surge protector/suppressor and it still popped the house breaker. Everything I've found up until now says the problem may just be overworking the motor so I lubricated the belt today but the problem persists. Any guidance is appreciated as I have no idea what to do from here.
I’ve just posted on an older thread and wonder if my problem is breaker, motherboard or something else:

I have an old Sole F85 that has been acting up of late. A variety of things have happened:

1. Shuts off abruptly esp if I press incline.

2. Won’t switch on. I have more success there if I have nothing else plugged into the power bar.

3. Console flashes.