Treadmill Motor Control Board

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I have a New Balance 2500 treadmill with motor control board DCMD65 made by Endex Auto Tech (a Taiwanese company). The company is out of business and I have not been able to locate a replacement and my attempt at procuring a schematic for the board has been unsuccessful as well. When powered on, the control panel lights up as it should and works properly. I can select a program, push the start button and it counts down 3,2,1... the belt turns for a fraction of a second and then a red error LED lights up on the control board. I noticed a small amount of smoke coming from the motor after the start attempt. I put a voltmeter on the motor leads during startup and it just goes to overload and then drops to 0. I've tested the motor and it works using a 12v Power Wheels battery. I've read through the other treadmill posts and would be comfortable trying to fix this myself with help from the forums but if anyone would be willing to fix it for a fee, I would be more inclined to go that route. I would rather pay someone for their hard earned knowledge and know that it will be done right than to risk messing this board up and not be able to get a replacement.