Transmitter and receiver for electric motor ON/OFF, construction help!

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    i want to build a transmitter and receiver to remotely, wirelessly ON and OFF an electric motor. for that purpose i designed both transmitter and
    receiver circuit operating at 49MHz. so please tell me that, will my circuit work??? as i want to be simple, because i m junior in electronics, so i designed my circuit in very simple way. if my circuit is wrong also tell me, how to make a circuit for that purpose.

    By closing switch on transmitter Tx, it produces radio waves of 49MHz. This radio waves is then received by receiver Rx causes oscillation of same frequency at 49MHz in Rx. This cause current to flow from first NGATE which makes it ON to OFF. The second NGATE makes the OFF signal from first NGATE to ON. and finally current passes from electric motor.
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