Translation from DNF to WFF

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    Mar 3, 2010

    I am working on a project. The project consists of writing a design program in C# or Java. For ex, an electronic designer wants to design a circuit like: a&(b+(c&d))..Briefly a nested expression with around 6-7 variables and operators. The output of program will be a string inwhich the expression is in DNF form. For ex, the DNF representation of example above is ab+acd...I managed to do that translation. However next step is complicated. The output string will be saved to a txt file. Later someone will read just the string, nothing else and the program should display the original design, which was a&(b+(c&d))...Im searching since last 2 weeks a common algorithm for this. Karnaugh map, Quine-McCluskey are I guess simplfying the DNF into a simple DNF. But they dont work for me. Thats why Im still searching. Do you know anything about this topic in programming?