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I would like to know the number of transistors required for implementing different gates - n-input and,or,nand,nor,xor,and xnor..
Is there any website that provides this information? Also,i would like to know the area occupied by various gates..probably by aplying Rentz rule or something like that.
ALso,What is the method to find critical paths in a circuit.Is that information avaliable in any cell library?


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Look up something called RTL (Resistor Transistor Logic). It is totally obsolete, doubt you could get the parts anymore, but it fits the minimum requirements. It was retired because it was suseptable to noise. An even simplier system is DTL (Diode Transistor Logic), which uses diodes as the fundimental gates and the transistor to clean up the output levels. I occasionally design using diode gates to avoid using chips where I don't have to.