transistor switching and sine waves

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:huh: I am looking for an understandable picture of how switching transistors off and on can turn into a sine wave. Inverters.What makes the south pole of the wave and how do you get a smooth sine from a square wave?
Several other questions that are stumpin me,

If you hook up a small windmill to a large enough resistor will it actually slow
the rpm or reduce the current without slowing it down?

What makes the controller in an alternator in a micro hydro turbine send the juice to a diversion load? What component reacts when a certain voltage is reached?

Any good sites that show detailed pictures of rewinding alternators?

Anyone know of a school or intensive course anywhere in the US that drowns
the student in all things generator. Repair ,install,troubleshoot, all sizes.
From a 5000 watt to a 50k gen. or anything like it? Thanks