transformer's parallel operation using Multisim

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    Apr 15, 2011

    I have designed the circuit here in Multisim 10. Kindly help me with the queries below. Thanks a lot.

    1: I don't seem to understand what this circuits demonstrates about the transformer's parallel operation. There is no need to go into extra details. A simple explanation would do.

    2: Do you think I have used correct components to build the circuit? You can find the information about YL-195 module here which is mentioned in the under the required equipment.

    3:The lamp was not part of original circuit. Why is the lamp blinking?

    The following are queries about Multisim.

    4: As you can see that the circuit is cluttered with labels such as "IRON_CORE_XFORMER", is there some setting to get rid of these labels or to reduce their sizes smaller? Yes, I know that I can remove them manually one by one.

    5: Sometimes it's really difficult to locate a component in the given categories. Mostly I have to search through many different categories before I find the required component. The search of Multisim isn't of any help or perhaps I don't really know how to use to properly. For example, in this video you can see that I'm having hard time find a transformer and I didn't get any result for an amplifier.

    6: As you can see I have used a 'real time' voltmeters and ammeters, where can I find round voltmeters and ammeters in Multisim?