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I have got very involved in supplying proper 120 / 240V Power on Industrial type sites, where they have 3-phase supplies.

If the Commercial or Industrial site only requires a small amount of 120 / 240V Power, relative to the site supply, typically less than 10% then there are already standard practices used for this.

However, some sites require significant amounts of 120 / 240V relative to their intake supply or their Stand-by Generators. In this situation, there is a very much better way to provide this than appears to be done. I am talking about supplying true, proper 120 / 240V from a 3-phase supply and not that nasty 120 / 208V. I am talking about a simple interconnection of a special 3-phase Transformer or using three Standard off-the-shelf regular Single phase Transformers, to both provide proper Voltages and at the same time, distribute all 120V Loads and all 240V Loads equally across all three supply phases. This greatly benefits any on Site Generator and simplifies Distribution down to the normal regular two bus-bar type Distribution Panel.

Please Read : for 120-240V from 3-phase - Detailed A2.doc

And : 3-phase - Six 120V Secondaries - Connections A2.doc