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    Jun 4, 2005
    hello there.

    i am new in this forum, and need some of helps with transformers

    my problem is that i removed a transfer from a broken handy lantern and noticed that it is burned(the 220V wires are cuted )and the transfer has no mark on it
    so what i have are
    R2=2 OHM(R2 is the resistance of wires in the other coil)

    i dont know what voltage the transfer is for replacing

    i think it suld be lesss than 12V but i dont know accurate value?

    please can some one direc me to find out the V2 for the transfer to replace it?

    is there any formula for this job with V1 and R2?

    thanks for any advice.

    P.s does anyone know any other forums for discussion about electronic?