Transformer with inductor polarity switching?

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I am trying to understand how the following transformer will work.

The transformer uses a pulsed square wave input. The primary and secondary are grounded at one end (like an ignition coil) and the secondary then goes to an inductor. The secondary and inductor have matching inductances.

If the transformer's primary is pulsed with a positive polarity square wave. Will the secondary voltage pulse charge the inductor, and when the pulse ends, will the inductors field collapse and cause the output to change polarity?

What about the voltage, will it be the same or will the inductor cause it to change?

Also, If an inductor is pulsed with a 50% duty cycle, when the field collapses will the induced pulse also have a 50% duty cycle?


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The voltage will reverse in polarity as to keep the current flowing but its amplitude will be the same since the inductor is matched with the transformer. This is true if there is not anything else connected in the circuit.