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In a power supply the ac mains voltage with an rms value of 220 V is
applied to the primary winding of a step-down transformer. The number
of turns in the primary and secondary windings are 800 and 30
(i) what is the peak value of the voltage induced in the secondary
(ii) If the secondary winding is connected to a resistive load of 1 kOhms,
what are the rms values of the currents that flow in the primary and
secondary windings? (Assume an ideal transformer operation.)

I think I have part (i) calculated, but not sure how to approach part (ii).


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Simple ratios or fractions, such as 800/220 X 30/x
In other words, turns ratio is equal to voltage ratio and/or current ratio (ideally).

Remember that Vpk = Vrms * 1.414

and ...ohms law?