Transformer problems

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I have a Fender Twin Reverb,the output tranny has a problem,the two wires going to the speaker jack are green and black,when I put a volt/ohm meter on these two wires there is no resistance.
I put the red lead of the meter on the green wire and the black lead on the black wire with the meter set on ohms and it reads .000 ohms.
Can anyone tell me the problem and how to fix it without replacing the transformer?


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What led you to suspect the transformer? Unless your meter is pretty good, it may not be reporting the winding resistance, which may be less than an ohm. Have you checked your speaker's voice coil?


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The output xformer is for impedance matching, so you should get a reading of at few ohms on the secondary/speaker side. Make sure the xformer wires are not connected to anything when taking the measurement.

Also, disconnect the speaker and try measuring it to see if you get 4-8 ohms. If there is more than one speaker, disconnect them and measure individually.

If the xformer is bad, or a speaker, there's nothing you can do except replace it.