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Quick question about transformers. I have a transformer with 12-0-12 outputs connected in series. Two bridge rectifiers connected to these outputs, one across 24 and other taking 12. Because I have 2 different circuits with different voltage levels how do I calculate the total power? Do I just use the total current x 24 or is it the power in each coil?

This a theoretical situation.

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let's assume that you have a 2A transformer, meaning you have a 2A capacity transformer, right? now when that secondary was wound didn't the maker use a specific wire size to come up with a 2A capacity, right? so if you are to measure the current capacity from end A(12v) to end C(12v) and compare it if you had measured it at end A(12v) to end B(0v), would the current capacity be the same?

from this you can already deduce the answer :D