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    Aug 16, 2012
    Hi everyone,

    I have a few doubts about transformer design.

    1.How do I calculate the AL value(inductance factor) of a transformer core .[ ferrite in my case ].?

    The Al value is given in the data sheet is for a set of UI ungapped core.
    What if I have to stack 2-3 cores together?
    How will the AL value differ?

    2. Number of turns calculation:
    step up voltage from 300 V (square wave ) to 5.7 KV (sinuous ) rms .

    So my ratio N1:N2 is 1:19

    N1= (Vin× T/2)/ (B*Amin)

    I max = 4 A
    f=30 KHz . T = 3.3*10^-5
    B = 0.5 T (Given in data sheet)
    Amin= 1800 mm^2

    So the value computed from this formula is my number of primary windings or the minimun number of primary windings?

    How could I calculate the number of primary windings ?

    I have also attached the datasheet of the ferrite core..

    Thank you ..
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