Transformer bobbin standards

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I have been trying for getting the transformer bobbin standards(like type-8, type16 etc) for 50Hz power transformers and its dimentional details. Here in India we follow UK standards for bobbin. My supplier told me that UK standards are derived from Guest Keen Williams company of UK. But I could not find any other information about this company.
What I am trying to do is to practically design some line transformers of 0.5kVA to 3kVA of very high efficiency 95% and above.
This need to be done on commonly available EI cores and sizes so that, on a later time it can be manufactured on a larger scale.
Lamination manufacturers are giving their grades like M3,M4,M6 and its fluxmax details. But no BH curve and the intricacies are available.

Can someone through some light on UK standards for Bobbins(line transformers) and its power handling capacity in VA, etc. The thread which is here in this forum on transformer is not helping in this case as its more of academic sort.

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