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    Jul 15, 2011

    1st posting and the subject is a 12v battery charger which has died and been gathering dust and dirt for a few years. And with a bit of time on my hands today I have found a break in the wiring. I think the break is on a diode(?) but hopefully some one will put me right if not. The part number is A140D with the lh connecting to the winding and the break is on the other terminal. Problem l have is there is no room to re solder the -ive cable to it.

    also it doesn't look to me as though this item is integral in any way to the transformer so should be easy to reseat a new one if I only knew what and where to ask for it. We have Maplins close by so ..... advice please.

    You can tell I'm not up on electrical engineering but this could be my breakthrough to a brave new world

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    Perhaps a close-up photo of your troubled power supply would help.