Transfer function, Fourier coefficients

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This is kind of last minute but... I know the formulas and such for this problem, but I'm told it can be solved more or less by inspection in just a few minutes... so that's what I'm looking for. Find the exponential and trigonometric form coefficients, period, and fundamental frequency of 10sin^2(10t).

I have converted it to 5(1-cos(20t)) or 5-5cos(20t), made it into the integral for finding F_n both ways, and I always get some huge horrific 4-part integral with tons of crap everywhere and it is in no way solvable in 10 minutes that way. I also put the formula into wolframalpha and it gave me a result where the denominator would be zero if n = 1, which I figure can't be right... I'm using pi/10 for period and fundamental frequency of 20.