transfer data from memory to register /register to memory ?

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    Nov 24, 2011
    I need some help. I created one example to understand some basic
    ram memory
    A accumulator 4bit
    R1 resistor 4 bit ( R1 is temporary data storage register )
    • Register memory address bus - 2 bits (RA0,1);
    • Register memory data bus - 4 bits (RD0~3);
    • Register memory read enable;
    • Register memory write enable.
    Load the data directly with register R1
    mov R1 # data

    stored the content R1 register into register memory
    Q1 how to write data (stored in R1) to register memory ?

    load the data from memory register and store into A accumulator
    Q2 how to read the content of R1 and stored into A register ?

    Mod edit: OP means register instead of resistor.
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