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I just recently got an interview offer for an internship. I'm a little worried that my transcript might look discouraging as I have been a student since 2015 and have been a part-time student since. In the first three years, I was just doing general arts without any real sense of direction, just trying to build up a foundation and become academically stronger. I changed my major to an AS in ESET in 2018 and have been a part-time student. How can I compensate for the past years and what do I tell an employer during an interview?


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If asked in the interview - then tell them exactly what's in your post. You got invited to the interview because something in your resume piqued their interest and they think you might be a good match for their internship program. Go in with confidence and crush the interview!


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When I worked on recruiting, I was more interested in work experience than how long it took someone to get a degree. If they didn't have any work experience, I put more weight on referrals than grades. Of course, we only considered people who had high GPA's.