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    Jan 21, 2010
    Hello everyone i am making this project I soldered everything but i changed trans/receiver modules to and . I used program from that website.

    But it doesn't work as it supposed to work, I changed in program several things. "1" pulse is 600uS long and "0" pulse is 300uS long also i changed a pause between whem it's 400us long. But it still doesn't work, i know that my transmiter is working, i measured with tester and got this, when nothing are pushed it sends 2.15V signal, and when i push one of buttons it changes to 2.26v. But receiver doesn't show any sign, it should turn on one of LEDs.
    Here are programs:

    Siustuvas -
    Imtuvas -

    I know that circuits are good and transmiter sends as it supposed to do, but i don't know why my receiver uC can't read data.

    Maybe someone can check it and if you know can you tell me what couse of problem is ? i guarante that it's program issue.

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