Tranmsitter required for 4 wire RTD?

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    Feb 27, 2014
    When temperature has to be sensed with RTD at long distances from central location, they usually need a transmitter which sense at far location & then send data at central base. Since long wires can add resistances

    1. But if use 4 wire RTD, so I still need transmitter for long distance temperature measurement.

    2. I have a 2 wire RTD. If I connect two additional wires, one at each wire close to RTD, so that effect of long wires can be removed.
    Is it fine to convert 2 wire RTD to 4 wire manually like this?
    4 wire have some different fabrication ???
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    Jan 2, 2010

    You can find transmitters at:
    There are also a lot of information. Literature.

    1 if use 4 wire RTD to measure at long distances need a transmitter.

    2 is not good to do that you mention. but you could do.
    Look at the literature on the link above.

    3 What happened to three?

    4 Yes, the manufacture thereof is different.
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    Feb 2, 2012
    4 wire RTD can be used upto how much long distance after which they require a transmitter?