trailing edge, leading edge


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Leading Edge means edge at beginning of pulse. Trailing Edge means edge at end of pulse.

For "low" pulse, leading edge is falling and trailing edge is rising.


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Leading and trailing are with respect to time. Time is the independent variable, voltage is the dependent variable and voltage is a function of time.


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It is probably easier to think about the terms leading-edge and trailing-edge when you are dealing with pulses that are seperated by a significant interval of time. That way it is clear that you are dealing with a positive pulse or a negative pulse.

Then it is easy to see that the first edge of the pulse is the leading edge and the second edge is the trailing edge. This is regardless of whether it is a positive going pulse or a negative going pulse.



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In English, many words have more than one possible meaning. Normally we select the appropriate interpretation more or less unconsciously according to the context.

When learning new material, we must expect sometimes to come across unfamiliar usages of words that we have previously only seen in different contexts. Sometimes the connection between them may seem natural to us, sometimes it may not.


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I ride trails on my mountain bike. Some of them go up and some go down. As many have already it's referring to leading or trailing in time.