traffic light help using 555 timers

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    Ok, so my project is to make 2 traffic lights with different timings on their own using 3 555 timers... the idea is to use the first 555 timers output as the source for the other two timers.

    the problem is that when I calculate for the resistor values, the timing for the circuit gets messed up. I looked into it and saw that the problem comes from the initial charging towards 1/3Vs for the capacitors... i could calculate it in, however for succeeding cycles, this charging cycle is no longer done..

    so my question is that how would you design a circuit so that the capacitors never go below 1/3 Vs..

    tl;dr the initial charging time of the cap from 0 to 1/3 Vs is messing with my timing because its not really present in net cycles, is there anyway to work around that problem or can i even have a vary the frequency and duty cycle automatically
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