Trade Schools That Advertise 24/7

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    Apr 25, 2008
    Trade schools that advertise getting you grants for
    electronics,auto repair,nursing,business adm. was warned
    by the government about there practices and the way they
    operate. The newspaper names about six schools that were
    the worst preformers. You see these ads all the time,but you
    never connect them with the stock market.All of the schools
    that were named had lost appox. 20% percent loss In there stock.
    I had heard that the government were taking over school loans.
    So how does wall street and stock markets get a share of your
    student loans.That less education money for you,It seems like
    stock brokers are a getting profit from all money. Stock holders
    continue to take short term losses on every thing. The large and
    famous universities must have had there funds Invested and taken
    a big loss,thus higher education fees. Cash students from overseas
    are given the Royal Red Carpet,the better education.Then we hear
    the U.S. Is behind In all areas of education. I think our Forum members
    are trying hard to get the best education they can. This Is not about
    people,Its the system that Involves everyone. So some wall street
    banker Is taking the bigger part of your education grant. People
    are getting smart,they are keeping there money out of there hands
    and the high speed computers doing all the trades,skiming the
    small Investors profits every mili-second before It gets to the big
    stock board. By time you how your stock Is doing,your profit Is gone.
    Watch for gold to plunge,that the next bubble. The market has got
    every ones gold,It time to sell It all to China for a discount,they will
    offer It back at $ 150.00 troy ounce,there economy being so large
    you will think It will go up,( no )they can prevent conflicts In the world.
    That will subpress gold prices. No body cares about your penisons
    any more,they are just a promise.If they won't give seniors an Increase
    with Nov. coming up and no Increase In penisons.The money not there
    or they don't care. Are the trade school ads on line In other counties
    making the money pool much larger.
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    Apr 26, 2005
    The company's don't get you grants ... the government offers the grants. Trade schools were always listed as a school who would accept government money.

    They are for profit. The universities have alot of money from alumni donations. The university system get's alot of tuition in the form of government grants. If Congress wants to do something ... apply it to all education institutions.