Traction Control for Sim Rig

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I am new to electronics as I am new to this forum. I am currently building a F1 rig for my own use and I want to add a rotary switch(es) to my steering wheel to control the throttle pedal's sensitivity. The pedal has a sensor that sends signal to the controller (0-5v), what I want to do is have circuit right after the sensor and make it control at how fast the voltage increases in relation to the pedal and I want to be able to control the rate on the fly so for instance if it rains in the game I can slow down the throttle response and stop spinning because of my heavy foot. It's important that there is no delay, though. Ideally I would like to able to control the linearity too so that once the voltage hits certain level (varies due to track condition) it goes up at much higher rate.

It would be great if somebody could point me to right direction and tell me what I am looking for and what I need. After that I will do my own research and building, unless I find a device/circuit board that can do what I need with little or no modification needed.

Help much appreciated,