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i need advise about sensor i need to use, so i may know the where the device. i.e if i attach traking device at car so i may know where the car it is. i need advice what device i should use with the lowest cost

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What about GPS monitoring? What precision and coverage do you require? Do you need the position to be seen in real time?


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or you can check these devices out for making small discrete tracking device this will be the main component that you would need at a lower cost than most modules, and these are easier to implement into any uc based project...

I would go for this one with integrated antenna >>


You can also purchase them here >>

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yes i want know the real position......

some said that if i used RF the range not wide....

then they suggest use gps module then sending the signal using gsm to get better range. but the challenge is i need used sim card to complete the data sending......

do someone have better idea....????


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The device in your car needs to now its location. That is called a GPS receiver; and it costs some money
That device in your car needs to transmit that information to you. that is called a transmitter; and it costs some money
You need a way to receive the information, usually a computer, which costs money.
You need to have it permanently, it is called cellular telephone provider service, and costs some money.
A device with all together exists, it is an active cellular telephone with SIM and GPS; costs some money, and can de secured hiding under the dasboard permanently powered by the car circuit.

Then you need to get WIMP ---> "Where Is My Phone?" program, that also may cost some money

Unless you want to tie a long string to the rear bumper , which will also cost some money, you can follow the string to find the car location.
A tarot reader or crystal ball witch may tell you where is the car, but will also cost some money.
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