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    Oct 18, 2006
    hello eveyone, i was given a project at school and is as follows.

    there is a toy car that needs to be commanded( turn left,right or go forward) using a microphone.

    my problem here is how the microphone can be used to differentiate these commands i.e a circuit that does the voice command recognition.

    we need to use a microcontroller to make decisions,

    all i need it the overview of the circuits that i might need from the voice recognition upto driving the motor( wheels ). I am a second year university student.
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    Dec 27, 2007

    Voice recognition is a project on it's own, let alone the interface :)

    The staple of voice recognition is fourier analysis. Typically, the voice is filtered and sampled, then converted to the frequency domain. The components in the frequency domain, after being sampled for a predetermined amount of time, reveal information about the word(s) spoken.

    You can do this in real time or sample an audio signal upon a trigger (audio threshold). If you are to implement this on a microcontroller, I recommend the more basic routine, since real-time may be out of the question. You should program in a higher level language such as C.

    You should start recording and timing the command words used. Dump them into MATLAB, check out the fourier components. Try to find the amplitude of the coefficients with different commands, then try to get your microcontroller to compare.

    That's definitely a challenging project, good luck!