Touch LED Battery Powered

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    Aug 31, 2010

    I am new to this forum, and am wondering if there is a good thread explaining the materials and procedure when making a touch-sensitive LED lamp. I know next to nothing about circuit building, but the kind I would want to make would run off common batteries (AA or AAA) and probably need the output light capacity of around 5 LEDs. This is for a design application, looking for specs for making something similar to this:

    I found these instructions not specific enough for me as I'm new to this. I wouldn't need it to be made of copper, I am just basically looking for the specs as to how you could make a touch-sensitive LED light fixture that runs on batteries. Seems like a good place to start is to find a capacitance chip similar to the QT-113, but beyond that I'm lost.

    Thanks for any leads.