Totally Confused !

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friends now i 'm into the last year of EXTC ENGG DIPLOMA (electronics & telecommunication) . its the time to select a project using uc/up .I'm totally confused where and how to start it .Friends i really need help pls provide any information regarding;
1) where to search for the project?
2) how to select it ?
3) from where and how to obtain schematics?
if you guys have any project ideas pls mention them.
thank you in advance.


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I'm confused. Isn't the purpose of the project for you to design something you thought of yourself. Shouldn't the steps be:

1) Pick a topic of interest
2) Look for alternative ways of solving the problem
3) Pick one and do it

An under appreciated fact about projects is that they do not need to succeed. It is the method and the effort that is important. Experimenting with and understanding a less than optimal solution can guide you in the right direction. If I were your instructor I would not give you a very high mark for building something you downloaded off the net.