total resistance between A and B

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    Oct 22, 2010
    I'm having trouble calculating total resistance between point A and B in the following Circuit
    I have identified that R6 is in series with R5, than R4 in parallel with R5,6 than R3 in series with R4,5,6 than R2 in parallel with R3,4,5,6 than R1 in series with R2,3,4,5,6.
    But I'm confused how to find resistance total between A and B? Would it be R4 in series with R3 and R2 in parallel with R3,4?

    Problem also asks to calculate the current in each branch with 10V between A and B. I'm not sure how its done. Is voltage at A=10V? Will voltage from point A drop to point B since there is a resistor in series between those two points?
    Sorry for asking a lot, i just need help to understand this. Thanks.
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    If the voltage between A and B is 10V then there is a current of 10mA flowing from A to B - since the 1K resistor has a voltage drop of 10V across it.

    Since you know there is 10mA flowing into node B then you could work out the voltage at node B by calculating the resistance from B to ground and taking the current flow through that resistance as 10mA.
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