Total noob, DPST switch question

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Okay, so I am working on a way to light a series of lights for my a project I am working on. here is what I am trying to do.

the lights are meant to be attached to circuit that comes on when triggered my something else. While I want this to happen, I want to have the choice to override this and have them be always on.

I am not familiar with a DPST switch, but from what I believe, you can have two power sources and choose between the two with a switch?

For this case I would have the dimmer source which is not always on, and an always on source.

So when I wanted them to be controlled by the thing that will turn them on or off, I could flip to that on the switch, or if I want them to just be on I can flip to the other part of the switch.

Is this how this works?

Is there a better way?

Please help me because I am such an amateur :p

Okay, in case that didn't make much sense, if you follow this link:

and scroll down to selector switch that is what I am talking about. It can select between two different power sources, and output to the same device( in this case the lights).
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I believe you are referring to a wrong type of switch. It may be instead a double pole double throw DPDT to select permanent on or dimmed.