Total newbie.....PIC18f45k20 help please

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    Hi I'm just a little housewife that decided to take on a challange, that of course beeing........program a pic micro controller from microchip, bought a PICkit3 with dev board, USB and PIC18f45k20 (44pin). I did some studding, and got as far as to copy and paste some code. It build successful, even program after released, but that's it nothing else. There are for sure power cause the 3 lights yellow, blue and yellow is on. but my LED does not come on. Now for my stupid Q..... how do I check it a certain pin in a certain port are link to a certain one of 8 LED's. Please help, maybe I should start from scratch. I'm coding in assembly. Any suggestions where I could get some (in laymans language) tutor material online that could help total newbies with there struggle getting started. Thank you for taking the time to read this, any help will be really appreciated.

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    If you bought the board then it comes with working examples. There is no need to copy or paste anything.

    You need to apply power to the MCU. That can be done through the programmer.

    In MPLab select Programmer/Settings/Power. Set for 3.25 volts.