Toshiba Satellite Pro M30

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I'm from Cyprus (Limassol) and I am the owner of a Toshiba M30 Satellite Pro notebook. A friend of mine gave it to me as a gift (I think that he bought the notebook in Spain).

I'm having a problem with the notebook. When I turn it on, after a few minutes it is getting very hot (75-80 degrees). I mention that the notebook is not under heavy load (I'm running only Winamp). I have Windows XP Pro installed and the latest software from Toshiba and BIOS ver. 130.

Also, from time to time (it is random) I hear a beeping sound when the computer boots up (before Windows starts up). After that the OS starts up and the key "o" is pressing by itself. Now it is happening very often.

This is the notebook's official page.

Does anyone know who I can contact to fix this problem? I would like to mention that I'm prepared to pay for repairing the notebook, since I don't have the warranty.

Please help me in this matter. I am desperate!!!! Please HELP!!!

Thanks and regards,
Radu Antohi