Toshiba M35 DMI strings

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Hello everyone,

I am an owner of a 3 month old Toshiba notebook wich burned out, then had to wait 2 months to have it fixed, (top service from toshiba no?) now I formated the damn thing with its recovery disk but it wont take it, I get "Wrong Machine" message.

From differnent newsgroups I have been told its the DMI strings and that only Toshiba could do it.

I wish I can avoid this if possible since I have been arguing with the Toshiba team in Cyprus for all their incompetence, I really do not want to go back to them.

Can somebody help me out?



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Generally with problems like this, the designers design products so that only they can correct it. Its not a case of knowing what to do, more having the facilities to do so.

So I think you may be lumbered with taking it back to Toshiba.


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don't they have a repair guarantee? if they don't, report it direct to TOSHIBA. that's a sloppy repair for an authorized outlet. :angry: :angry: :wacko: <_<


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I'm not sure what part of the world you are from, but is the product not covered by a 12 month warranty. In Britain every product you purchase is covered by a mandadtory 12 month warranty for faults and product deficiencies. Along with your warranty you have T&Cs which outline what the company has to do is a fault occurs within this time span. These T&Cs should cover product service.