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    I have been debating making some new gauges for my car. Stuff I don't have already, but I want to, Like oil pressure, temps, ect.. I know all this is easily available from ports in the car. Is this against the TOS? I ask because I'm not modding the car, I'm not tampering with its internal systems, just piggybacking a wire to read its voltage. I'm not looking for the actual car wire info but just how the gauges work and what type of signals they use.

    That being said even if it is against the TOS I'd also like to build a dash for my Sim-racing setup. Will this be ok, no car will be involved? The best I've found is to take a normal gauge cluster and dash and replace the air pressure lines with servo motors to make the pins move on the gauge. But this is for Sim-Racing only. Do you think this will be ok on the TOS?

    Also say I wanna make a 3rd party application for my car, but in no way effects the car at all, no power, no signals, no wiring, nothing at all going to device or coming from device to the car. Is this ok to work on. I would not include installation of said device but it in no way uses anything from the car at all. It would be almost like KC lights, or fog lights, spinners,etc where you hit a switch and they turn on.

    Just wanted some clarification on these topics because I may wanna build some simple stuff I think my car could use but is not included.
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    The way that the ToS have been shaped, through tears and blood is the following:

    If what you build is meant to be plugged in your lighter plug or your radio ports then it's ok.

    Anything else isn't ok, such as something that requires you to pull off the dashboard and make connections.

    Of course you can build your custom dashboard for iRacing. I don't see a problem with that.

    Devices that operate within the car will be judged separately. Personally, I wouldn't approve of a gismo that honks an air horn each time a pedestrian crosses your path, for example.
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    Sep 16, 2012
    Awe, come on, that would be fun...
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    A lot of newer cars don't even use analog gauges any more. Even if they look analog they are stepper motor driven.
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    Must replace $16 analog meter movements with $100 stepper motors. It's progress!
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