Topological Analysis

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I was set a piece of work for a module and it is asking me to do a topological analysis of a network. The question is:

For the network shown below, take n1 as the reference node and write down the incidence matrix. For the same network, write down the independant node equations in matrix form.

I've attached the circuit picture from the work below.

The problem is that I've looked through my lecture notes and I cannot seem to find anything on this type of analysis. We have stuff on the node voltage analysis, branch current method and some other theorems. I really need help understanding what it is they're asking for and if there's a name for the way to calculate the answer.

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I think they are referring to Kirchhoff's current rule, in matrix form.

But then again they could be referring to the voltage between nodes matrix, which is:

\( \left[ V_n \right] ={\left[Y_n \right]}^{-1} *\left[I_n \right] \)

Where Yn is that incidence matrix you mentioned, and In is "Matrix of injected currents into nodes" I am little unfamiliar with the terminology, but thats how we call it.

Give me a bit more information on the problem, I will help you.