too stupid : 5$ to the person who can solve my small problem

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I am just too stupid and skipped too many classes ... I'm trying to make this with cmos gates but my brain is just not able too . Somebody with logic plz help me , 5$ by paypal to the person who helps me out :)

I have this signal ( red line signal ) , all this is going on lower than 100 khz range .

I wanna control another signal ( black signal ) .

Attached is an ideal representation of what I wanna do , I want the starting edge to be basicly a switch , either on or off depending on the prior position .

I think the teacher said something about a "mounting front" , I dunno , dont remember ... too stupid ... Is there a simple way (schematic ?:)) to do this ?

I'm working with cmos and low power ic stuff by the way .



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Dont ever say your stupid! I admit that skipping classes was foolish, but you can work hard now to compensate for your lack of knowledge.


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If you have a flip flop that switches on the negative edge you can always put an invertor in front, to make it postive edge transistion.