Toner transfer BCB etching help

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Hi, I have been trying to etch PCB's using toner transfer. After reading a bit on this site i hear printing onto magazine glossy paper is a good medium for the transfer.
Could anyone point out problems in the method i have been trying?
my blog post is here with all the steps documented

Thanks, I would appreciate any help or pointers


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I tried once this method and it worked. I used a magazine paper to print the circuit on. Also, its better to set the printers quality to maximum and turn off the toner saver. Iron it for 5 minutes and apply pressure to the iron. What is more, is good to put another paper over the paper where the circuit is printed for better distribution of pressure.Don't use hot water to remove the paper, use the water out of the tap and put some dish washing liquid in it. I think your etching solution was too strong or you left the board for too long in it.