TomTom LCD(LMS500HF06-006) Datasheet

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I have a broken TomTom that I want to take the LCD out of and use to connect to a RPi. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a datasheet or a pinout for the lcd. I was hoping that somebody here might be able to help.

The GPS is a TomTom Via 1530 (Model 4ev52 z1230)
The LCD is an LMS500HF06-006 and uses a 50 pin FPC
The sticker on the back of the lcd itself also says "6A5EBAA13619 E1J10" but I'm not sure what those numbers mean, they don't seem to be of much use.

The closest I have been able to find is a pinout for a LMS500HF01, but based on the pins that I am able to identify, the pinouts are very different.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)


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You will be very lucky if you can use the LCD at all. There is not really a standard connection, or rather lots of "standards". It is probably a custom job so finding data and drivers will be impossible.
A better idea is to just buy an LCD that is designed to run on the RasPi, and that all the code will be there too.