to verify torque of the motor

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  1. velsegway

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    Jan 24, 2012
    sir/madam,i am doing final year project.
    my project title is automated segway based wayguider.
    i need to drive nearly 60kg human load plus 25kg vehicle load is (due to the use of motors,rods,pillow blocks,wooden box), totally 85kg.
    the speed of my vehicle should be 10km/hr.
    i am using two wheels each with radius 12.5cm
    i need two separate dc motors.
    mass =85kg.
    radius of the wheel=12.5cm.
    how much motor rpm,torque,power,voltage and current are needed?
    please guide me with some's urgent
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    Oct 26, 2011
    A little more info is needed:

    What are the frictional losses? Frictional losses may be determined by setting it in motion and measuring the rate of deceleration.

    What is the required rate of acceleration? After overcoming frictional losses additional torque is required to increase speed.

    If used outside, air drag caused by contrary wind velocity may need to be considered.
  3. Bernard


    Aug 7, 2008
    With a little interp, specs from an electric wheel chair might be usefull:
    Loaded wt,kg, inc batteries = 112
    Max load = 100 kg
    Max speed = 7.5 km/h
    Range 25-30 km
    motors, 2, @ 250 W, 11.5 A, 22 V DC, gear reduction.
    Batterys, 2 @ 12 V, 73 Ah
    Wheels about 30 cm dia.

    Speed of 10 km should be no problem with reduced weight. To know motor speed, need to know required gear reduction. Assume 5 k rpm, then can figure approx reduction. What part of world are you in??
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    Dec 22, 2010
    Just go overkill with something you know will work.
    most websites that sell motors will provide specifications, and the motors will probably have datasheets like anything else.