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    You left me a PM, but do not have PM turned on for your profile or have an email link, making contact with you impossible.

    My policy is the same as Sgt. Wookies, I suspect it is the same for all the experienced folks at this site:

    Since this is not PM, I'll address your question here,

    I'll be addressing this one in my rewrite of LEDs, 555s, Flashers, and Light Chasers which I am doing on the forum edition.

    One problem you will have is most blue LEDs require at least 3.6V, so your battery voltage is just too low to work. I have some examples on how to use blue LEDs with such low battery voltages.

    Bill's Index

    The 555 Projects

    CMOS 555 Long Duration Blue LED Flasher

    If you can't wait for my ideas to come out you can refer to this thread.

    Need help getting 256 colors out of a LED

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