to learn progamming mcu

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want to know from the expert how to learn programming in mcu i cannot find the head to catch pls can any body help me
i am really interested in programming mcu and using
thank you


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I also learn to program micro controllers and it are not always simple to keep begun. I found that the best way is to be studied, small sample programs, which come with the starter installation sets. Begin completely with simple circuit of the ports at the beginning, forwards continue.


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The traditional method is to get some code that someone else wrote, learn to understand how it works, and then redo it to perform your own functions.

This means that somebody actually wrote something completely original back in the 1950's, and that everything since then has just been based on that code (with modifications).


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My suggestion would be to spend a week or so investigating the different microcontrollers that are available. There are many to choose from. One thing that you will probably want to do is minimize your investment in the tools. There are two popular microcontroller families at the moment. Microchip's PIC family amd Atmel's AVR family. Each of these products have development kits that you can get for less that $100 US.

Choose one of these to cut your teeth on. I would recommend that you make you choice fairly soon and then obtain the tools you will need to get started programming. The sooner you get started the sooner you will discover the power and fun of designing and programming with microcontrollers.