TI's LM4766T PowerAmp Chip

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    Apr 2, 2009
    See the attached data.

    Any one used this Amp before ?
    I got 3 pieces from a Boss unit PCB that Sony guys threw after replacing it.
    I gave power to the board and none is producing any DC at output and gets warm without a sink. So I am guessing they are good.

    So I went to TI web and got me 6 samples more :D

    Am thinking of making this the Subwoofer amp for my PC speaker project.

    I have the LM3886 part already designed. They drive the Hi and Low/Mid range with active crossover.

    Parts are already bought and on route. So I think I will have every component by the end of this month.

    Did not have any thing planned for sub yet but seeing this chip I figured it will do.

    Main speaker will not be driven to 68Watts. May be half that.

    So if any of you guys is familiar with the LM4766, lemme know please.

    Thanks for being so lovely people by the way. :D