Tina Newby Guide - Using the Oscilloscope

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I'm wondering if someone could be as kind as to help me with Tina.

I have downloaded the demo. I would like to be able to display a sine wave on the oscilloscope from an AC power source with a load on it such as a resistor or lamp just so I can get to learning more about oscilloscopes in general.

It seems as though it requires a voltage meter, so I have connected up a voltage meter parallel to a resistor.

If I bring up the oscilloscope and click on RUN, it comes up with 'collecting data' and that's it. For such a simple circuit I would have imagined the wave would show pretty quickly, and allow me to adjust the output position, etc during real time.

Is it possible to view the actual output in while interactive mode is started? I've tried looking at the online help but it hasn't helped me much.

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