Timer relay question! Help needed please.

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Hi All,

Hope you guys are doing well.

I have a question on how to energize a timer relay ( this is the timer http://ca.digikey.com/1/1/53823-relay-timer-dpdt-analog-120-240v-h3cr-a-ac100-240-dc100-125.html)

I know how to wire a timer relay, but this is the senario:

I need to have a push botton (normally closed) pressed to reset a circuit in my car, the way i wanna set it up is, to hook up the timer relay with the door switch, so when i open the door, the door switch would power up the timer, and the timer will reset the switch in few minutes. The only issue which i am having at the moment is that, i have connected the timer (-) to the door switch and (+) directly from the battery, so when i open the door it would energize the timer and when i shut the door the timer would loose power! and i am unable to achieve what iam looking for. Need an advice on how to connect the timer to the door switch and would get powered as soon as i open the door and would stay powered when i close the door so it would reset a switch after few minutes?



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I looked up that timer but it was a star /delta timer presumably designed to start a power motor. Also it was rated for 120 volts. Ae you sure you've got the right timer.
Anyhow if you want a relay to stay energised when you close the door you need to use one of its n/o contacts to bridge the door switch. That way it will stay in. The timer contacts then need to break the circuit to reset. ie n/o instant contacts in series with timed contacts. Hope this helps.

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Thank you Ian. Blue for your reply.

SgtWookie, I dont intend in any way to violate the forum rules. But my question is related to a time relay which iam trying to understand, yes, the relay will be used in a car though. Please let me know if it still violates the rules so i delete this topic.

Ian.Blue, You are right, this is the wrong relay! my bad, i just took pictures to the one which i have already (see attached pictures). Would you be kind enough to tell me which pins to connect here please as i am not an expert.

Thanks again,



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