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I am new to this site
I have a X10 wireless alarm system. I want to use the 12 volt siren of a radio shack alarm system I have. I need a timer 12 volt to turn the siren on for 30 seconds off for 30 seconds. The of and on time can vary.

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Take a look at the 555 timer integrated circuit, the world's most popular I hear. You need a square wave generator circuit set to a 1 minute cycle time with a 50% (variable) duty cycle. Depending on the load you need to drive, the 555 might drive it directly. If the load is too much, you'll need a MOSFET configured as a switch.


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I'd suggest getting a 120V School Alarm buzzer, those can wake the dead.

Just plug it into an X10 outlet adapter and set the address.

I used to have one, about a 4 inch cube, and xtend on my linux box running the X10 server. Had it go off every day at 6 am, you could hear it inside the neighbor's house when it was inside mine. I ended up setting it that way since I always turned off my alarm. This system would grab 5 random numbers and display them, I had to enter their sum to shut the alarm off to prove to myself I was really awake. It was a nifty system.